Tales of Heroes Twin Braves: Lloyd’s Scenario Introduction

First storyline to translate is Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia!


Because I love Lloyd!!! (as well)

… and I want to annoy Sempai by translating this. (just play the damn game already!)

Let’s get on with this translation.

WARNING! This translation is NOT 100% accurate. Some parts I’m merely guessing by context.


“Lloyd Irving, let’s go!” – Lloyd

In his storyline, Lloyd acts as the bodyguard of Zelos Wilder, the World Tree’s Chosen One (his title is ‘miko’ which is usually translated as ‘priestess’ but I’ll use Tales of Symphonia’s translation and write ‘Chosen One’ because it would be funny calling Zelos ‘priestess’). Zelos is currently traveling towards the World Tree which is acting strange and the two get into trouble because of Zelos.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5


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